pk. (gastly) wrote in m_fantastique,


Age: Younger than Tohru-chan ♥

Height: 174 cm

Gender: Male

Position: Vocals, apparently.

Favorite color: ...Periwinkle ♥

Least favorite color: Anything that does not resemble periwinkle.

Favorite food: Pork dumplins ♥

Least favorite food: Anything that comes from the sea. Other than squid ♥

Likes: ♥

Dislikes: Burning sensations...

Favorite quote:

Inspirations: Sakurai-san ♥ my cats ♥ periwinkle ♥

Bio: BOX-SAM orginally joined ~<3~MYSTIQUE//FANTASTIQUE~<3~ thinking that he would be filling the position of bass. Later on he was told that he would be on lead vocals. This is when he decided to change his original stage name of Perii to something more suited for the position of vocals. It is unknown where his current name BOX-SAM comes from, as well as his family and given name. For the most part, BOX-SAM chooses to keep most personal facts about himself private because he says, "If it were about me and not the music, I would tell you more. Even though it could be, it is not, and as long that doesn't change, you will know what I want you to know. ♥"
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