ragnarokloki444 (ragnarokloki444) wrote in m_fantastique,

Name: Kain. EARL Kain.
Age: Lemniscate.
Height: 167.6 cm.
Gender: Commonly mistaken for being female.
Position: Synthesizer/keyboards, arrangement(and on occasion, CD designer).
Favorite colors: Blue, black.
Least favorite colors: Obscene neon or toxic shades.
Likes: Harpsichords, elegance, carrying a backpack/bag that may/may not contain carrion.
Dislikes: Idiots, interruptions, arguing with CD packaging designers without a modicum of artistic eyesight.
Favorite quote(to date): "Are you a dog, a man, or a monster?" -- Alucard (Hellsing)
Inspirations: Ali Project, various supernatural forces.
Bio: Little is known about the Earl Kain. Probably this is due to the fact that he doesn't talk much. His dress style is heavily influenced by the Dandy class of EGA (Elegant Gothic Aristocrat), and thus is rarely seen without a top hat. Fortunately with the Earl Kain, not speaking and getting into conflicts with the other band members DO NOT go hand-in-hand. He and Tohru Firefingers do not appear to get along, but Tohru only keeps him around because of his "connections" with a chocolatier (and there is no other keyboardist/arranger willing to take the position). If the Earl Kain isn't in the studio replaying segments of song over and over again and tweaking small details, he is probably in the CD designer's office arguing with the most recent case of unsatisfactory album/single covers and/or packaging.
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