President of Space (michael_collins) wrote in m_fantastique,
President of Space

Name: Yasunobuo Shionotuda
Age: Classified
Height: Taller than you
Gender: In the future, there is no such thing as gender. There is only LOVE.
Position: Invisible Supersonic Violinist
Favorite color: transparent
Least favorite color: opaque
Favorite food: Anything that does not result in the murder of an animal life. For that is considered a barbaric practice in the epoch that I come from. (Note: My epoch > Your epoch.)
Least favorite food: MURDER
Likes: Time traveling, the future, being invisible, annoying dogs, playing the violin like a rampant badass
Dislikes: Staying in one era for more than five biological years, the barbaric past, being seen, happy dogs, and anyone who sucks at their respective musical instruments. LEARN TO PLAY, IDIOTS.
Favorite quote: "<<x!#96immmmmmmmmmmnop~~##@#^>>" - The Andromeda Master System Intelligence
Inspirations: Crono from Chrono Trigger, Japanese composers, Poul Anderson
Bio: Yasunobuo Shionotuda may or may not be a cybergenetic fusion of the clones of three of the greatest super nintendo music composers ever. Yasunobuo Shionotuda may or may not have been born several billion years in the future. Yasunobuo Shionotuda may or may not be invisible due to the laws of the Time Patrol which require him to wear a cloaking device at all times that are not the future. This would explain why he is never seen at any and all band rehearsals and concerts. Yasunobuo Shionotuda may or may not play a supersonic violin, due to the laws of the Time Patrol which require him to keep his ultra-intelligent musical stylings away from you puny Pastearthlings, who still consider chords with more than seventeen notes in them to be "discordant." This would explain the fact that he is never ever heard playing at any band rehearsals or concerts, except by dogs. Who bark. But they would bark anyway, because they're dogs.

If you can't see him, and you can't hear him, why is he in the band? This is a prudent question, and the answer may or may not be that he is good at loading equipment onto the tour bus.
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