Louis (quiet_thoughts) wrote in m_fantastique,

Name: Louis de Nuit

Age: A lady never reveals her age. Neither should a man, nor anything in between.

Height: 157 cm

Gender: When we die, our gender will not matter

Position: Guitarist

Favorite color: The deep black and navy of the night sky

Least favorite color: Orange

Favorite food: Bloody Marys, celery, very well-done lamb Least favorite food: Garlic, cheese, Alfredo sauce, anything with much sugar

Likes: The darkness, the night, shadows, dusk, (etc.), bats, music, bugs, reptiles, thunderstorms, rope, aliens, chemistry Dislikes: Alarm clocks, getting up in the morning, wind chimes, amusement parks, mirrors

Favorite quote: "Revolution is not a dinner party." Sun Yat-sen

Inspirations: King Louis XVI, Napoleon Bonaparte

Bio: Louis was introduced to the music world when invited to join the blue-guitar folk group Sinister Assassin, though back then the name Louis was not used. When one day Louis fell into a well, bats swarmed all about him for a night and a day, until their language became known to Louis. When retrieved from the well, Louis felt an inexplicable urge to create music that embodied this new love and comradeship with bats. From here came Louis’ involvement with ~<3~MYSTIQUE//FANTASTIQUE~<3~, which continues to this day, and "will continue for as long as I live. Or eternity," as Louis has often been quoted.

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