Allie (liastrife) wrote in m_fantastique,

Name: Tohru Firefingers
Age: 317
Height: 161 cm
Gender: ...It's none of your business...
Position: Guitar
Favorite color: Red's nice...
Least favorite color: ...Huh?
Favorite food: Ice cream, sushi, candy, chili, pizza, takeout. Don't believe people when they say I like chocolate, it's,'s a people who write stuff about other people thing.
Least favorite food: Carrots, beets, radishes, eggplant.
Likes: Music, friends, happiness, guitar, makeup, hair dye, contact lenses, clothing, niceness, pretty things, goggles.
Dislikes: Non-niceness, non-friends, non-music, non-makeup, ugliness, frilly stuff.
Favorite quote: “Life is like a box of chocolates.” - Some guy said that. I think.
Inspirations: People with nice hair are pretty cool.
Bio: Tohru Firefingers is the mysterious and androgynous guitarist of ~♥~MYSTIQUE//FANTASTIQUE~♥~. Despite Tohru's self-given title of 'mysterious,' the guitarist has a habit of opening up completely whenever asked about personal matters, such as any experiences in rehab, family life, intense hatred of frilly things, and Tohru's famous beanie baby collection. Tohru is especially vocal when commenting on fellow band members or other famous visual kei bands.
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